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Chef Biographies
PHS Brickhouse Bistro Chef Biographies

 Damon Boothe  

Name: Damon Boothe
Year:  Senior

Bio: My name is Damon Boothe and I want to own my own culinary business.  I come from a family of many chefs who work in places like Oregon, Montana, Washington, and New York.  While I want to learn how to be a chef, I also want to do so in my own business, whatever it may be.  I think this culinary class is just the one to teach me what I need to know. 

Career Goal:  Business/Restaurant Owner

Favorite food to make:  Pies

Food fear:  Under-cooked food

 Cheyenne Britto

Name: Cheyenne Britto   
Year:  Junior

Bio:  I am a student at Puyallup High School.  I’m 16, in my second year of culinary, and plan on going on to do my third year. My plan for the future is to go to culinary school to be a pastry chef or an executive chef. At the age of thirteen, I started my own little baking business.  I sold to many different corporations and continue to grow. My passion has been for culinary since I was three years old and baking cookies in the kitchen on my own.

Career Goal: To go to culinary school for pastry arts and to own my own bakery when I grow up.

Favorite food to make: Seafood pasta

Food fear:  Tomatoes

 Jake Davenport  

Name: Jake Davenport
Year: Senior

Bio: Hello, I’m Jake. I’m a Puyallup High School student, and in my third year of the culinary program. After I graduate, my plan is to go to culinary school and work on being an executive chef.

Career Goal: Executive Chef

Favorite food to make: Pasta

Food fear: I hate mushrooms and tomatoes

 Gabriel Karl-Galvin  

Name: Gabe Karl-Galvan
Year: Junior

Bio: Hey there! I’m Gabe. Although this is my second year here and there are others who have been here longer and know more than me, I feel that I’ve grown in my understanding in the culinary field. I view culinary, cooking, and baking in general as a stress reliever for me. This is something that genuinely makes me happy, and I feel proud of myself when someone likes the things I make. Culinary isn’t something I see myself pursuing as a career.  Instead, I see myself pursuing something along the lines of becoming a prosecutor or perhaps a detective. At first, I had thought that our class would feel separated between level two and three students, but we’ve become a family and I love cooking and sharing laughs with everyone in our class.

Career Goal: Detective

Favorite food to make: Homemade beef enchiladas

Food fear: I can’t for the life of me make baked goods 

 Kayla Kivlen  

Name: Kayla Keath
Year: Junior

Bio: Hi, I’m Kayla and this is my third year in culinary courses. I started in Culinary Essentials in ninth grade. For seven years now, I have been in Valley 4-H doing foods, cats, and leadership. With these experiences, I know I’m on my way to being prepared even more for my future.

Career Goal: Nurse

Favorite food to make: Cookies

Food fear: Food falling on the floor.

 Kayla Kivlen  

Name: Kaylin Kivlen
Year: Senior

Bio: My name is Kaylin Kivlen, I attend Puyallup High School. We have a culinary arts program that allows you to extend your culinary education. It has given me a better understanding about food safety and the skills that I need to know in order to go into the food industry. I hope to someday become a pastry chef and start my own business. I am on my second year of culinary and I feel like I have learned the basics that I should know for my future career.

Career Goal: Pastry Chef

Favorite food to make: Crème Brule

Food fear: Onions 

 Maiah Luke  

Name: Maiah Luke
Year: Senior

Bio: Hi! My name is Maiah Luke and I am a second year Puyallup High School student in the culinary program. My sophomore year, I was on the ProStart competition team where I made the dessert. Because of my love of baking and cooking, I decided to pursue a career as a pastry chef and have, just recently, been accepted to Johnson & Wales in Providence, Rhode Island. There, I’ll hopefully study to receive my bachelor’s degree in baking and pastry arts.

Career Goal: Pastry Chef

Favorite food to make: French macaroons and cakes

Food fear: Eating something with watermelon

 Trinity Naber  

Name: Trinity Naber
Year: Junior

Bio: I am a Puyallup High School student, in my second year in culinary, and my plan is to go into culinary 3 next year. My plan after high school  is to go into the medical field, but my fall back career would be to go into the culinary field to become an Executive Chef.

Career Goal: Go into the Medical Field

Favorite food to make: Pasta

Food fear: Stir fry 

 Ethan Navarro  

Name: Ethan Navarro
Year: Junior

Bio: Hi, my name is Ethan Navarro, I am currently attending Puyallup High School, and this will be my second year as a Culinary Arts student. It has been a recent dream of mine to open up my very own pizzeria in Venice. Every day, I feel like I’m getting closer and closer to my dream as I learn new things daily. Here in Culinary, I learn more than just how to prepare food.  I also learn how to determine the value of the food I make, how to make a pleasant setting for a customer, and so much more on how to run a restaurant or any other business. Though I know a lot, there is still so much more to learn and see. My dream school is the Culinary Institute of America.

Career Goal: Pizzeria Owner

Favorite food to make: Cinnamon Rolls

Food fear: Sauerkraut 

 Jade Page  

Name: Jade Page
Year:  Junior

Bio: My name is Jade Page and I attend Puyallup High School. We have a culinary program that helps you extend your learning through culinary practice. I am a second year culinary student. It has helped me learn new skills for my future career goals. I hope to one day become an executive chef and open my own restaurant. This class is helping me reach my goal, which I have had since I was around 7 years old, of entering the culinary industry.  Hopefully, I can reach my goals - this class is helping me reach them.

Career Goal: Head Chef at my own restaurant

Favorite food to make: Fried chicken with mashed potatoes and country gravy

Food fear:  I hate pickles 

 Gwendolyn Roberts  

Name: Gwendolyn Roberts
Year:  Senior

Bio:  Hi, I’m chef Gwendolyn! This is my second year working in the culinary program at Puyallup High School. I will be continuing my career by going to a culinary institute after I graduate. After that, I will be striving to live out my dream as a personal chef. I have learned and worked countless hours to grow not only as a person but as chef - building my confidence from working in teams to serving others in the community. I learned to take a challenge and do it no matter what mistakes or obstacles may happen along the way.

Career Goal: Personal Chef

Favorite food to make: Anything that’s a challenge

Food fear: Working with live octopus

 Shania Seuler  

Name: Shania Seyler
Year: Senior

Bio: Hello, my name is Shania Seyler, I am in my third and final year of being in Advanced Culinary. When I was little, I knew that I wanted to become a pastry chef/baker.  When I heard that Puyallup High School offered a culinary program, I knew I needed to apply for a waiver to attend the school. Sophomore year, I joined everything I could that involved culinary and I further expanded my knowledge. At the start of my junior year, the year I was finally in advanced culinary, I met new people and started calling them my culinary family.  These people have made culinary so much better than I thought it would be.  I’ve grown into the person I am because of my culinary family.

Career Goal: To become a pastry chef and have my own bakery

Favorite food to make: Baked goods

Food fear: Working with seafood

 Riley Shstopal  

Name: Riley Shestopal
Year:  Senior

Bio:  This is my third year in the culinary program. As an incoming sophomore, I had no idea what to expect, all I knew was that I loved to cook.  Being a chef was not my goal in life. Three years later, I still love to cook and have learned so much in this class.  I have not only learned about cooking and food but also many real world skills, such as dealing with the public and running a business. While being a chef is still not my career plan, I have loved being a part of this class and being able to meet so many new people and make so many new friends.

Career Goal: Registered Nurse

Favorite food to make: Seafood and pasta

Food fear:  I hate mushrooms, tomatoes, and toast!

     Michaela Todd

Name: Michaela Todd
Year: Senior

Bio: Hi, I’m Michaela! This marks my third, and final, year in the culinary program and every moment has been memorable. When I joined sophomore year, all I knew was that I had a passion for food.  It is through all the hours, competitions, and occasional kitchen flounders that I’ve grown into a stronger, more confident leader and chef. Through my time here I’ve amassed endless real world skills that I know are going to carry me towards anything I dream up.

Career Goal: Advertising Executive

Favorite food to make: Any variety of jam

Food fear: I can’t stand shellfish

 Danil Vitt  

Name: Daniel Vitt
Year: Junior

Bio: Hello, my name is Daniel Vitt, I am in my second year of being in Advanced Culinary. When I was little, I knew that I wanted to become a part of the armed forces. Right now, I am prepping to be a culinary specialist in the Navy, but my long term goal is to become a SEAL breacher; however, that is a three-year process, so when I heard that Puyallup High School offered a culinary program, I knew I needed to take it. Sophomore year I joined everything I could involving culinary, and it was easy because I have been around a kitchen my whole life. Now, during my junior year, I have reached the advanced culinary level.

Career Goal: Navy SEAL Breacher

Favorite food to make: Tuscan chicken

Food fear: Serving under-cooked food