Transcript Request

For current students and recent graduates (must have attended PHS within last four years):

There are several ways to request a transcript:

- The quickest and most direct way to request a transcript is to go to and have your transcript sent electronically to your college or other organization.
- You may also request a transcript using one of the following three methods:
    1. Complete the request form in the Student Services Office
    2. By Email -
    3. By Fax - 253.435.6509

    All of the above methods must include the following information:
         - Student's Full Name
         - Student ID and/or Date of Birth
         - If you are a graduate then please include your Grad Year
         - Whether you are requesting an official* or unofficial
         - Delivery method**. If you would like it to be mailed then please include the full name of the college and/or  
           the address.

Please allow a minimum of two school/business days for processing.

*We are unable to process requests for official transcripts if you have a fee balance on your account.

**Official transcripts can be mailed or made available for pick-up. We are not able to fax or email an official transcript. If an electronic copy of the transcript is needed then please use to order your transcript

For students that graduated or transferred from PHS more than four years ago please visit our District Records webpage here.