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Running Start Information

For Running Start information and forms  click on the logo below.

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Interested in Running Start for 2023-2024? 

We will be holding an information session in late February 2023/early March 2023.  Watch Schoology and this page for more information. 

What Is Running Start?

Running Start is a statewide college program for academically qualified juniors and senior high school students to enroll in courses to fulfill high school graduation requirements and earn college credit.

Running Start is available fall, winter and spring quarters. Students may enroll simultaneously in high school and college classes, or solely in college classes. College tuition for eligible classes is covered through Running Start. The maximum credits a student is eligible to take is based on the student's combined high school and college enrollment. 

High school graduation requirements are established by each school district. Students should check with their high school counselor to confirm the courses and number of credits required in order to graduate.

     Running Start Fall 2022:  What are my next steps? 

1.   Information Session

Attend a Running Start (RS) Information Session
Pierce College visit: to sign up
View Running Start Power Point here: 2022 Running Start Info Night.recording.pptx

2.  Admissions

Submit an online application for the college of choice (Pierce, TCC, Clover Park, Highline). 
After you apply to the college of your choice-you will receive an email back from the college with
a college ID number and instructions about how to complete your enrollment

3.  Placement Assessment

Take the college entrance test to be eligible to take college-level English/Math courses.

Test results must show eligibility to take college-level English/Math (Note: you must take Algebra II at PHS if you have not yet taken the class) 

Pierce College: contact the testing center at: 
[email protected] 

If you are attending a different college, contact the college directly for info

4. Email your counselor with your Running Start Documents 

Email your counselor with the your name, PHS ID Number, Name of the college you are enrolling in, college ID number and following documents

You will need to attach the following documents:

  ·  RS Agreement form initialed and signed by you and your parent/guardian - Click here for the Agreement

  ·  Your college placement test results (Guided self– placement or other required tests

Note: If you have not attached these documents and don’t have it with you at your appointment, it will be re-scheduled

5.  Appointments with your PHS Counselor

After your counselor received the above email, she will complete her portion of the Running start sign up process. 

If you want to meet with your counselor in person, you will have to wait until after September 12th.  

6.  Register and Pay Fees

Register for classes at the college with direction and instructions from your college advisor.

Pay student/course fees required by the college (Note: Free/reduced lunch eligible fees may be waived by the college

Students are able to apply for a fee waiver through Pierce College if they meet certain criteria and can provide the supporting documentation. This does include receiving state insurance.

Instructions can be found by clicking on the “Student Fee Waiver Application” when you click this link to our common Running Start forms:

Virtual Tours and Information Sessions | Pierce College District (

Pierce College Introduction Video