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Letters of Recommendation

Many scholarships and college applications require letters of recommendation from teachers and/or members of the community.

General Guidelines:

  • Read the application instructions carefully.
  • Give the writer a stamped properly addressed envelope.
  • Give the writer any forms that need to be send with the letter.
  • Indicate deadline.
  • Request a letter well in advance of the deadline. The writer should have a minimum of 2 weeks to write the letter. 
  • Check back to see that the letter has been mailed.
  • Recommend the writer save a copy.

Selecting Writers:

  • Select people who know you well and show interest in you, i.e., teacher, activity advisor, job supervisor, youth minister, volunteer coordinator, etc.
  • Select people who are familiar with your potential and your achievements.
  • Select teachers whom you have had as instructors in an academic subject.
  • Ask teachers with whom you have had more than one class (when possible).
  • Select people who could best explain your extra efforts in school or on the job.
  • Ask the person how they feel about writing a good recommendation for you.

Letter of Recommendation Request Form

Write a Thank you note shortly after the letter has been completed!