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Department Overview and Facts

The Counseling Center is open Monday - Friday 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

If you would like to make an appointment, please see the counselor's bookings links on the main page.

When school is back open, students are encouraged to visit the counseling office for walk-ins before school, during lunches or after school for quick questions.  

We encourage students to make appointments and meet with their counselor to address any questions or concerns they may have.

Counselors are available to assist students in educational planning, social/personal development, scholarships and post-high school planning. .

Educational Planning

• Scheduling

• Credit Checks

• Credit Recovery towards on time graduation

• AP Testing



Social/Personal Development

• Conflict resolution

• Stress management techniques

• Time management skills

• Substance abuse information/resources

Post High School Planning

• District Post High School Planning Night

• Financial Aid

• Scholarships

• College entrance exam information: SAT/ACT

• College resources

Scholarship Resources

Monthly scholarship bulletins (online, in the counseling office and career center)

• Local scholarship book (available in the Spring)

State Assessments

High School Proficiency Exam - Reading & Writing

• End of Course Exams - Algebra 1, Geometry & Biology

• Alternative options to State Assessments (Collection of Evidence, SAT, ACT)




Local Scholarship Applications

The Local Scholarship Application are released each February. 

• Scholarship applications are due in mid - March.

• Start early!!! 2 letters of recommendation, a personal essay and transcripts are required.

Monthly Scholarship Bulletin

Check the counseling webpage of the PHS Website for our monthly National Scholarship Information.

• College open houses, scholarships and scholarship search sites are updated monthly.

Guidelines for Schedule Changes

We do not change schedules for teacher/period/ lunch preferences.

• Yearlong schedule changes may be requested before the school year begins, if space is available

• Semester class schedule changes may be requested before the term begins, if space is available

• The first three days  of first semester and the three days before 2nd semester, students may request changes, if space is available

• To request a schedule change after the first three days of the semester, students must provide the following to their counselor: teacher feedback about change, parent request in writing.

An Administrator will review these pieces of information and determine if the change is allowed.

Note: If a student drops a class after the first 15 days of the term, a W stays on their transcript.

The student will also be responsible for catching up on work in the class they move to.

After 45 days any schedule changes may result in an F.

Registration Process

Students will place registration requests during the month of February.

All students are required to select 6.0 credits of requests and 3.0 credits of Alternates.

• Students and families may make changes to requests via HAC.

• Registration Information night will be announced soon– come research your options!

• The Master Schedule is created to accommodate these original requests; it is important to make informed decisions in February.

You may submit changes to your course requests by emailing your counselor until March 3. no changes can be made until Prep Days in August
After this date, on a space available basis.

• We do our best to honor all requests. If a course is unavailable, a replacement will be made based on space availability and needs to meet graduation requirements.

• Counselors will change registration requests if necessary to meet graduation requirements.