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College Entrace Exams - SAT/ACT

College Entrance Exams—SAT/ACT
Students interested in attending college after high school should plan to take the SAT or ACT during the spring of their junior year. This will allow students the opportunity to retake the exam, if needed, prior to submitting college applications during their senior year.

While some colleges and universities have altered their entrance requirements to make submitting test scores optional, students are still encouraged to take the test. Many scholarships require students to submit test scores, and a strong test score can strengthen a student’s application even to universities who have become test optional.

Which test should you take?
Students should plan to take the SAT or ACT. If you know what school you want to attend, you are encouraged to reach out to that school to determine if they prefer a specific test.
The ACT has a science component, but the SAT does not. If you are a student who has not met standard on the WCAS or you’re using the SAT/ACT in lieu of the State Test, the ACT Plus Writing might be the better option.

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The SAT is offered at various locations around the Puget Sound Region, including Puyallup High School.
To register for the SAT, visit

SAT Prep Resource
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The ACT is offered at various locations around the Puget Sound Region.
To register for the ACT, visit

ACT Prep Resource