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Parent/School Work Authorizations
These instructions are per LNI requirements:
  • This is a legal/state document that should be completed in blue or black ink.

    ~Employers initiate the Parent/School Work Authorization process then keep on file once all signatures have been obtained.  Student cannot be               scheduled until completed
    -New 2018 available:
  • -Employer's MUST complete all their section including work hours prior to school signing
    -NOTE: students CANNOT start work on a school day prior to the end of the school day plus travel time.  
    -Employer's need to renew every school year by the end of September
    -If employers have any questions, they can contact [email protected] or call 1-866-219-7321
    ~Need to complete and sign their sections prior to the school signing
    ~Puyallup School District will NOT sign the Variance to work 28- hoursif the student has anything below a "C" in the last two completed semesters or current semester.  
    ~Must sign prior to school signing
    School: (Puyallup School District)
    ~Last to sign; all sections must be completed in ink AND correct
    -Take to the Career Center