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Monday-Friday 7:00am - 3:00 pm
(253) 841-8711 option 2

HOLIDAY HOURS:  8:00-2:00 pm
December 18-21 & 26-29
Closed: December 22, 25 & January 1

Fax (Records Requests)  (253) 435-6509

Student Services/Counseling Office
Located in Student Services in the Main Building

Nicole Kaiser Last names A-C & AVID

Meg Kozar Last Names D-K

Jaime Mercer  Last Names L - R

Michael Sanchez   Last Names S - Z


If you need to update your phone number/ email address or physical address, request a transcript, make an apt or help with HAC.
Sandy Cash  CashS@puyallup.k12.wa.usCash
Counseling Office Secretary

If you need to make an appointment, enrollment/registration or withdrawal from classes, records request (2014 and earlier).
Christy Galan
Counseling Office Secretary/Registrar

If you have questions about how a class was posted to your transcript:
Cheryl Cummings
Data Processor/Registrar

Christina Bren
If you have questions about a Special Education Referral

CAREER CENTER  - Located in the Library/Science Building

If you have questions about the Culminating Project or community service hours
Shelley Jellison
Career Specialist and Culminating Project Coordinator

April Houghton
Career Center Secretary

ON TIME GRADUATION SPECIALIST  - Located in the Library/Science Building
If you have questions about state Testing requirements for graduation:
Angie Reed
State Testing Coordinator & OdysseyWare Coordinator

Kelly Burgess
OTGS Secretary

Schoology Group Codes:
Class of 2018 - 73JVW-B9QN3
Class of 2019 - 62VHB-5ZK4C
Class of 2020 - VQWGH-XBDXD

Schoology Site:

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