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Calculator Requirements

All students in Algebra 2, Pre-AP Algebra 2, Math 98, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus, and AP Statistics are required to have a graphing calculator to bring to class every day.  At Puyallup High School, like most other comprehensive high schools,  our math curriculum requires the use of a Texas Instrument graphing calculator, however, not all TI calculators are “created equal.”

Acceptable Calculators Include:


  • TI - 83+
  • TI - 84+
  • TI - 83+/84+ Silver Editions


If a student has a TI - 83 from an older sibling, that will work too.  The listed calculators are the only calculators that have complete statistical functions and all other required software for high school use.  Please do NOT purchase a TI - 85, 86 or 89 as they will not be able to perform the necessary functions.

Many stores have these calculators on sale in August and September or you may be able to buy a used calculator from another student or on eBay (just make sure you get the manual with it).  If a student is in need of financial assistance, their math teacher should be contacted when school starts.

The capabilities of these calculators are amazing.  After only a few uses, students realize and appreciate the amazing technology that can be carried around in their backpack.  The calculators are very durable and will last for years.  Please make sure to clearly label your students’ calculator for easy identification.

Also, each Texas Instruments calculator comes with “TI Technology Reward Points” which our school can collect from our students to acquire free teaching tools. Please bring the Technology Reward Points to your math teacher.  We look forward to seeing you in the fall.