Running Start Information

Running Start Guide 2020-2021

     Running Start EVF for WINTER 2021      

 If you will be new to Running start for Winter 2021, please see the process below

Every CURRENT Running Start Student needs to complete the RS Form linked below. 

You can choose to have your Winter EVF sent to you via email from your PHS counselor OR you can schedule a meeting with your PHS counselor through the Bookings Link on the form or the PHS Counseling Website.

Be aware that your counselor will use the email and phone number you provide to reach you with any questions.

When you receive your Winter EVF signed by your PHS Counselor, you and your guardian will need to sign the EVF (physically or electronically) before you submit it to the college of your choice.

Please allow seven (7) school days for your counselor to complete your Winter EVF.

      NEW Running Start Students
RSEVF Fall 2020-Blank.pdf
Pierce equivalency guide.pdf
Running Start Agreement 2020 FILLABLE PDF.pdf

1.   Start by applying to the college you plan to attend for Running Start; you will receive an email back from the college a few days after completing the online application that includes your College ID# and instructions on how to complete your enrollment (each college has a different process – be sure to follow the directions from your college of choice)  

Pierce New Running Start Enrollment steps.pdf

  • 2.   Once you have a Pierce College student number, please email Pierce College's Testing and Placement Center at If you are attending a different college, contact that college for testing information

    Once you have completed the placement testing steps from the college and have been approved for Running Start courses, you are ready to proceed with your EVF.

  • 3.  Please open the attached EVF Blank document and rename/save with your Last name, First name

    4.  Watch the entire ppt video and complete your EVF as instructed 
                   Running Start First EVF instructional video.pptx

    5Email your PHS counselor with three separate attachments:
                  >  EVF saved with your Last, First name
    A copy (can be a picture) of your Running Start Agreement
                  >  A copy (can be a picture) of your proof of placement (GSP, Accuplacer, etc
          > Include in the email details regarding your plans for next year:
    Do you plan to take any classes at the high school? if yes, which classes (be specific)

  •  Your PHS Counselor will finalize your EVF and send it back to you via email. Please allow 5 business days for your counselor to send the EVF back to you.  You will then proceed through the enrollment process at the college you plan to attend for Running Start. 

6.   Sign up for an Advising Appointment at the College:   All students are required to meet with a college advisor prior to registration. Check your Pierce College student email for updates on scheduling an advising appointment. Bring your completed and signed EVF (with parent’s signature), Pierce College Student ID Number & copy of Assessments to your advising appointment.

If you are not attending Pierce College, check with your college to verify the next step (either Advising Appointment or Orientation).

7.  Register and Pay Fees:   After meeting with a college advisor at the New Student Orientation, you are ready to register for classes. Running Start students pay student and course fees each quarter after registering.