Swim Teacher with two kids 


This certificate program is open to those 14 - 18 years of age interested in learning how to teach beginning swim lessons. It consists of approximately 10 classroom hours of instruction and about 20 hours of assistant teaching hours alongside a mentor swim instructor during the public swim lesson program.

Candidates will learn about the foundation of instructional skills including teaching methods, learning styles, beginning swim progressions, and water safety. Candidates will be evaluated during assistant teaching exercises, through individual study assignments, and written tests.

Upon successful completion of the program, meaning they attend 80% all classes, attend 80% of the mentorship swim lessons, and pass all assignments and tests with 80% or more, candidates will receive a certificate as a Water Safety Instructor Aide in the American Red Cross-Learn to Swim Program for Beginning Levels.

This is a great opportunity for individuals looking for high school comunity experience hours for thier culminating project as well as those interested in learning job skills and training.

Those interested, need to complete a Puyallup School District Volunteer Application and turn it into the pool office for submittal along with bringing a  picture ID (School ASB card is acceptable) to be copied for submittal with the form. The form can be obtained at the pool or printed at . Applicants will also need to return a signed volunteer agreement on the same website.

As there may be a limited number of openings for this program, those interested will need to go through an entrance interview and a swim test. Ideally Applicants will be able to swim 25 yards front stroke and tread water for 1 minute.

Contact the pool for more information 253-840-8811 x 0 or


*Please note being accepted into this program does not mean the candidate is hired as a Puyallup H.S. Pool employee, however it does provide a foundation and job skills for teaching the American Red Cross - Learn to Swim Program for beginning swim lessons, that can be used at any facility using that program. Puyallup H.S. Pool hires lifeguards and swim instructors based on the skills/certifications of applicants, staffing need, and public program demand. Anyone interested in a lifeguard or swim instructor position is encouraged to ask for an application at any time and return it to the pool.*