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The 120 Day Certification Extension Course is a free online only course that will be available to Authorized Providers/Licensed Training Partners (AP/LTPs) via the Red Cross Learning Center (RCLC) and on Course name and code details are listed in Appendix A. This course enables a certificate holder to extend any base level certifications that expire between March 1st - June 30th that were acquired through instructor-led or blended learning classes taught in the community, full service, or AP/LTP channels. Instructor certifications, instructor trainer certifications, online only classes as well as the recently released provisional certifications are not eligible for the 120 day certification extension. The extension certificate must be presented with a certificate that has expired as proof of current certification. 

To obtain the 120 day extension through, a participant needs to register for and complete the following online learning acknowledgement for the “120 Day Certification Extension” course: “The 120 Day Certification enables an existing enrollee to extend their current American Red Cross certification by 120 days from the original certification expiration date. This extension certificate is for student or base level certificates from instructor led and blended learning courses ONLY and DOES NOT apply to instructor, instructor trainer or online only certifications. The extension certificate must be presented with a certificate that has expired.” To register for this course, a participant must have and submit their credit card information. The credit card will not be charged. Once completed, certifications will be available in the Red Cross Learning Center and in the Find My Certs tool. 

To enroll in the 120 day extension click here .

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1. Will the 120 day extension certificate be recognized by potential employer?
• Ultimately, it is up to the employer to accept the extension certification.

2. What was the rationale for giving a 120-day extension for all course?
• To better support our customers during these uncertain times, the Red Cross has extended the certifications who may not be able to participate in training at this time.

3. Does this mean all providers should not teach any classes during this time?
• No. All AP/LTPs should move to social distancing or our Interim Virtual Skills Check approaches if social distancing is in place based on local public health direction.

4. Is the 30 day lapsed window included within the 120 days?
• Yes, 120 days is currently the maximum extension envisioned.

5. When will I be able to see my certification(s) updated with the new expiration date?
*Current certifications will not be updated. Instead, those that follow one of the processes described above will get an extension certificate. The extension certificate must be presented with a copy of the expired certification.

6. Can I combine the 120 day extension with the 90 day extension that I have already received for Lifeguarding and CPR/AED for Professional Rescuer enrollees?
• No, the 120 day extension will supersede the 90 extension. The 90 day extension will no longer be available. 

Be Smart, Be Safe, Have a Good Summer.