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Running Start Information

Click on the logo below to get District related Running Start information.  See specific PHS steps 

Running Start

What is Running Start?  Running Start is a statewide college program for academically qualified juniors and seniors in high school to enroll in courses to fulfill high school graduation requirements and earn college credit. 

     Running Start Steps for Fall 2023!     

Revised 5/31/23

1.  Information Session:

  • If you did not attend one of the information sessions at PHS, You must watch the following video: 
    View Running Start Power Point here: Running Start Information Video 

2. Admissions:  Submit an online application for the college of choice (Pierce, TCC, Clover Park, Highline). After you apply to the college of your choice-you will receive an email back from the college with a college ID number and instructions about how to complete your enrollment

3.  Placement Assessment:  Pierce College uses Guided Self-Placement for most English and math placements. Visit: for information If you are attending a different college, contact the college directly for information. 

4.  Complete the Running Start Request Form You must complete the Running Start Request Microsoft form:

You must complete the Running Start Request form— 

You must upload the following document to the request form:


Note: If you have not uploaded this document and don’t have it with you at your appointment, it will be re-scheduled

5.  Schedule appointment with your PHS Counselor

Email your counselor to request a Running Start Meeting.  Since it’s the end of the year and it’s
very busy in Student Services, they will either call  you out of class to come down for a meeting,
or schedule a time for the meeting.

If you are signing up May 31 or after, you may have to wait until after September 11th to complete this step depending on counselor availability.  Note: Counselors are out of the office June 27-August 25.

At the Appointment:
  You will receive the RS Graduation Requirement Worksheet

>   You will be responsible for meeting all High School Graduation Requirements indicated.

>   This worksheet will be used when meeting with your college advisor (Note: Colleges other than Pierce & Clover Park will also involve the Enrollment Verification Form-EVF)

6.  Register and Pay Fees

Register for classes at the college with direction and instructions from your college advisor.
Pay student/course fees required by the college (Note:  Free/reduced lunch eligible fees may be waived by the college) 

7.  Confirm Enrollment With Your Counselor 

Email a screenshot of your Fall 2023 schedule to your PHS Counselor. Once they receive the screenshot, they will adjust your PHS Schedule for 23-24.


Your student is first and foremost, a Puyallup High School Student

Student is responsible for obtaining PHS information about important dates, timelines, events, etc. (Running Start Schoology Group, Class of 2024 Schoology Course, Class of 2025 Schoology Course, PSD Student Email and PHS Counseling Website) 

Parent/guardians will not receive any information from college regarding RS students (FERPA)

 College advisors will help students plan & schedule college classes – Classes fill up quickly

High school classes take priority over Running Start classes, students must schedule accordingly

Student may need to take certain courses at PHS: Algebra II and World Language

 RS student is responsible for keeping track of high school graduation requirements – including High School & Beyond Plan  (PSD Running Start Graduation Requirements Worksheet provided initial appointment)