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Summer Swim Lesson Information Released Soon

Swim Lessons

Changes to the swimming lesson program include smaller class sizes, instructors teaching out of the water, family style swim lessons and use of Swim-American Red Cross phone app to track your participants swim progress.

*Please Note* 
1. Entrance can not be given more than 10 minutes before your scheduled time. Temperature checks and COVID-19 questions will be asked upon entrance.
(It is suggested that participants wear their swimsuit under their clothes to expedite arrival to class.)
2. Locker rooms are not available for changing after swim lessons. Please bring an extra towel, bathrobe, sweats etc. for your swim lesson participant(s) to wear over their swimsuits when leaving.
3. Due to occupancy limits of the facility only one adult is allowed to accompany each swim participant. Other children who are not swimming need to stay home as well.
4. Masks must be worn at all times except when showering or when in the pool.
5. The pool will not be distributing progress reports at the end of the lesson session. In order to track your participants progress we recommend you download the Swim American Red Cross app by either texting SWIM to 90999, searching for it in your phone app store, obtaining a Swim Lesson Achievement Booklet from the front lobby of the pool, or downloading it from the pool website.

Swimming Lesson Session Dates:

Weekday Evening Times & Levels:

Saturday Morning Times & Levels:

Saturday Afternoon Times & Levels:

Group Lessons
Lesson sessions consist of four 30 min classes for $36.00 per child.

Beginner level participants need an adult helper in the water to assist them as they practice water skills.
These levels include American Red Cross Parent & Child Classes, Pre-school (ages 4 & 5) Classes, and Age Group (ages 6 & older) Level 1 & Level 2.

Any new PHS Pool Level 3 participants will need to take a swim test before swimming lessons begin to verify they can meet the minimum swim requirement of:

Swimming on their front with face in the water for 5 body lengths, then roll onto their back to float for 15 seconds, then roll back to their front swimming another 5 body lengths in the lap pool while not touching the bottom, the side, or stopping.
Jump in the deep end of the pool and tread water for 15 seconds.
Swim tests are free and can be done during any lap swim time with a reservation.

Family Swim Lessons
Family Swim Lessons consist of four 30 min lessons for $36.00 per child.

Family swim lessons are available for family groups of 2 beginning level participants with one adult helper assisting them as they practice their skills in the water. The participants need to be 4 years of age or older. Instructors will be teaching out of the water on the pool deck. The lesson fee is for each child participating.

Private Lessons
Private lessons are available during swim session dates. 

Summer private lessons days and times will are yet to be released.  

Private lessons are $27.50 per lesson.

Private lessons are available without an in-water helper (for participants who can pass a minimum swim test for level 3 or who are at least 5 feet tall). Private lessons are also available for beginning participants who will need an adult helper in the water to practice skills. 

To register for Private Lessons, call the pool at 1-253-840-8811 X 0

revised 5/7/21