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School Year Swim Lessons will begin in January 2023.
Things to be aware of when visiting the facility:
1. Registration and payment for programs will be done only online. 
2. Face coverings are optional for visitors, athletes, participants, students, and staff
3. Please arrive between 5-10 minutes before the scheduled program. Participants will be able to enter the locker room 5 minutes before the reserved program starts to give prior swim participants time to vacate the locker rooms. 
4. It is recommended to bring a lock for a locker if you plan to use one, or bring all your belongings onto the pool deck with with you.
5. Bathrooms are available in the hallway and the locker rooms for use during the programs.
6. Spectators are asked to sit in the balcony seating area.
7. Anyone with a communicable disease, or who has been ill with vomiting or diarrhea within the last two weeks, are prohibited from using the pool. Please call the pool for a program refund.
8. Goggles may be used for Pre-School Level 3 & for level 2 participants and higher.

9. If a lesson participant has long hair, it is recommended they wear a swim cap or pull it in a pony tail or braid so it stays out of their face.
10. Please note any new Puyallup School District Level 3 participant will need to take a swim test before swimming lessons begin to verify they can meet the minimum swim requirement of the American Red Cross swim lesson program: (Swimming on their front with face in the water for 5 body lengths, then roll onto their back to float for 15 seconds, then roll back to their front swimming another 5 body lengths in the lap pool while not touching the bottom, the side, or stopping. Jump in the deep end of the pool and tread water for 15 seconds. Swim tests are free and can be done during any public lap swim time)

Weekday Swim Lesson Sessions:


Weekend Swim Lesson Sessions: 


Private Swim Lessons
Private swim lessons are $27.50 per individual swim lesson. They must be scheduled in advance by calling the pool at
1-253-840-8811 x 0.

Upon request, private lesson i
nstructors will teach wearing a face shield with drape. The American Red Cross Learn to Swim Program will be used unless requested otherwise.

*No private lessons are currently being held. They will resume when Rogers H.S. Pool reopens.

revised: 10/19/22