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The pool is open for public programs. Online  reservation and pre-payment are now being used for programming. 


Please note: The school district still requires staff, students, and visitors to continue to social distance and wear masks while on school district properties.

Things to be aware of when visiting the facilities:
1.     Reservation and payment for programs will be done online or over the phone. Payment and reservations will not be taken onsite.

Face coverings are mandatory and must always be worn except while swimming or in the showers. Swim participants will need to continue to wear their masks until right before they enter the pool. Hooks are located along the wall of the pool for swim participants to hang their masks on before entering the water.

It is recommended swim participants arrive between 5-10 minutes before their scheduled program. However, participants will not be able to enter the locker rooms more than 5 minutes before the reserved program starts to allow time for the prior swim participants to exit the locker rooms.

Swim participants are encouraged to arrive in swimming attire (clothes may be worn over swimming attire) to expedite their arrival to swim classes. Participants will need to bring all their belongings onto the pool deck with them. Lockers are not available for use.

While the locker rooms and showers are available after swimming, there is limited space in the locker rooms for social distancing. Participants are encouraged to leave out the designated door on the pool deck to shower and change at home.

Bathrooms will be available in the hallway and locker rooms for program participant use during programs.

Swim Lessons will have a swim instructor in the water instructing and assisting the swim participant in practicing their water skills. Swim instructors will continue to wear face coverings while they instruct and ask swim participants to social distance from others in their swim class. Swim class participant size will be reduced to assist with social distancing.

All spectators will be asked to sit in the balcony seating area. Spectators are asked to continue to wear face coverings and social distance.

Private Swim Lessons are available by calling the pool office. Payment is due at time of registration for all private swim lessons. Swim instructors wearing face coverings and will be teaching in the water helping participants practice their water skills unless requested otherwise.

Family Open Swim, Lap Swim, & Water Walking participants are expected to continue to practice social distancing while in the water.