Competitions & Conferences
Western Region Leadership Conference
11/17/16 Thu - 11/20/16 Sun
Hear from, interact with, and network with more than 50 business professionals from across industry. Hone in on your personal development, get competition tips, refine your leadership skills, and gain insights into universities—all of this while participating in our breakout sessions all day Friday and Saturday.

DECA Area 7 Competition (On-Site Testing)
12/06/16 Tue - 12/08/16 Thu
Participating students begin the first phase of competition for the area level (aka districts).

DECA Area 7 Competition (Role Plays & Presentations)
01/12/17 Thu
Students who qualified from the on-site testing will compete in the 2nd level of competition at the Tacoma Convention Center.

DECA State Career Development Conference (SCDC)
03/02/17 Thu - 03/04/17 Sat
Students who qualified at Area competition will compete in the 3rd level of competition in Bellevue.

DECA International Career Development Conference (ICDC)
04/25/17 Tue - 04/30/17 Sun
Students who qualified at SCDC will compete in the 4rd level of competition in Nashville, TN.