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Clearance Information 2017


Puyallup HS 2016 Spring Athletic Clearance

The Puyallup School District has moved to an online system for the forms section of the clearance process. Parents and students should look on the PHS website for instructions on the new clearance process.

  1. Complete the online forms (once per year) at

an account is not required to complete the forms.

  1. Have a valid physical examination on file with the athletic director physical exams are typically good for two years.

  2. If trying out for soccer, student must have a valid baseline concussion screening

on file. BCS’s are good for two years

  1. Purchase a PHS ASB and pay the Spring Athletic Fee ($75).

students in cut sports (Baseball, Softball, and Soccer) are not required to pay fees until after the teams are determined, but prior to first contest.

  1. Academic eligibility will be checked during clearance. Students must pass 5 of 6 classes and have a GPA of 2.0 or higher in the previous semester for initial eligibility.

Students in grades 9-12 can get their Clearance Card (Gold Card) by completing the items above and meeting with the athletic director during the following times:


Wednesday, Feb 13

Both Lunches

After School until 3:30


Tuesday, Feb 14

Both Lunches

After School until 3:30


Wednesday, Feb 15

No Lunch Clearance

After School until 3:30


Thursday, Feb 23

Both Lunches

After School until 3:30

Evening 5:30-8:00 pm

Friday, Feb 24

Both Lunches

After School until 3:30


Monday, Feb 27

Both Lunches

After School - Please do not wait until today to get your clearance completed.



The evening sessions are geared towards 9th graders who are not in the PHS building during the school day.

The bookkeeper will not be available in the evening. Fees can be paid online at (bring the receipt to clearance)

For questions on the clearance process, contact Jim Meyerhoff, PHS Athletic Director at [email protected] or 253-604-3707