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PSD Student COVID Rapid Testing
COVID Testing Consent form:  Rapid Testing Consent Form
COVID Testing Scheduling (Friday's Only): Student Rapid Testing Scheduling

COVID Protocol Information: 
With the Puget Sound Region is moving to Phase 2, we will remain diligent about following established protocols.

  • Screening will continue. Temperature checks, and verification of the four questions for everyone (students and adult, yes – coaches!) is still part of the process for anyone entering the facility. Continue to document this screening as it is required in the event of a positive case. No one except those participating will be allowed in the facility during practices, this includes community members or other students.  The steps are used to protect our student-athletes.
  • Masks. These are required to be worn at all times while part of our training or competition. Masks must be warn properly.  A mask under the chin or nose is NOT wearing it properly. The guidelines require the mask to cover the nose and mouth.  The wearing of all masks assists us by allowing the student athletes to participate in High School sports.
  • Hygiene. Hand sanitizer will be easily accessible to all athletes and required for all players to use it when entering, exiting, during breaks or after using frequently touching equipment.  Equipment will be cleaned to reduce any risks to student athletes.
  • Distancing:  Teams and player will be working within smaller groups and social distancing whenever possible.  Plans will be made to reduce large group gatherings and reduce risk whenever possible. If an athlete tests positive, proper notifications and protocols will be followed.
  • Individual water bottles are still required. No sharing! Same with personal equipment.
  • PSD COVID Pledge.  All student-athletes must sign and return the pledge form to their coach.  The form is a general reminder of our expectations on taking care of teammates during the current COVID pandemic. Take The PSD COVID Pledge.  

Here are some useful resources as you plan your season, so you don’t need to search your e-mail to find them:

VACCINE Information   In continuing our efforts to reopen schools safely and as quickly as possible, Puyallup School District will host a vaccination clinic for youth ages 16 and up in partnership with Kirks Pharmacy.  The 2-dose Pfizer vaccine is approved for youth ages 16 and up, with a second dose administered 21 days after receiving the first dose. 

The vaccination clinic will be held May 5 at Rogers High School.  The second dose will be administered to registrants May 26.  To accommodate learning schedules, appointments will be held 7 – 11 a.m.  Students receiving vaccines will be excused from homeroom class on vaccination clinic dates. A signed parental consent form is required if a student comes without a parent.  A parent signature confirms approval of vaccine administration.

  • Schedule an online appointment here
  • Bring photo ID (Driver’s License or School ID)
  • Bring health insurance card

Students are required to stay 15 minutes after the vaccine is administered for observation purposes.  An appointment timeframe on May 26 will be assigned before the student leaves. 

For questions regarding event details, email Kirk's Pharmacy at [email protected]