Puyallup High School

Home of the Vikings


Tradition     ·         Pride           ·         Excellence



Our mission is to ensure each student we serve graduates with the knowledge, skills, and resilience necessary to be successful in college or career. 



We honor the history and rich traditions of our school and community while recognizing we are preparing our students for a rapidly changing future. 


We will accomplish our mission by focusing our efforts as a school in these areas:


Creating a Welcoming school Environment

  • Nurturing and encouraging student individuality and personal growth

  • Seeking and bringing out the best in each student

  • Accepting and celebrating differences

  • Building on the strengths of each individual

  • Focusing on relationships


Developing a Joy of Learning

  • Offering a diverse set of classes and academic pathways

  • Providing opportunities for exploration, experiential learning and academic rigor

  • Delivering meaningful and relevant instruction in each of our classes

  • Developing an appreciation for solving challenging problems


Maintaining High Expectations for Academics and Behavior

  • Encouraging personal accountability

  • Treating each student like we are preparing them for college or a challenging career

  • Making positive assumptions about the potential of each student

  • Educating each student as if they were our own child

  • Pushing for continual improvement and growth from ourselves and our students

  • Relentlessly working to remove barriers to success

  • Avoiding excuses about why students can’t or don’t learn


Developing Attitudes and Behaviors of Success

  • Promoting respect, responsibility, and perseverance

  • Providing positive encouragement to build student belief in potential and commitment to follow through on goals and plans

  • Including all students in opportunities to contribute to the community and the betterment of others’ lives

  • Modeling and reinforcing positive and meaningful relationships with peers and adults

  • Encouraging academic risk-taking and enrollment in challenging courses