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           * Click on Senior Newsletter above for important senior/graduation information.  A hard copy of this newsletter is also being mailed home

CAN WE STILL ORDERYes, call 1-800-Jostens and they can take the order over the phone.

* HOW LONG DO WE HAVE TO ORDER:   You can order up until June 30.  However, we suggest that you order your cap and gown no later than June 1.   For other graduations products, we suggest April 15, as a deadline date.

FINAL PAYMENT FOR ORDERS PLACED IN THE FALL :   February 26, 2017 to avoid a potential late fee being assessed to the order.

*  CAP/GOWN DELIVERY:  March 31, 2017 during lunches 

BORROWING/USING CAP & GOWN FROM PREVIOUS YEAR:  You will still need to order the class medallion and classic/souvenir tassel.  This can only be ordered by calling into the customer care line at: 1-800-Jostens

* CAN PURCHASE CAP/GOWN/TASSEL/MEDALLION UNIT AT GRADUATION:  Yes. $55 (flat fee) must be exact change 
* CAN PURCHASE MEDALLION AND TASSEL AT GRAUDATION: Yes. $25 (flat fee) must be exact change 

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