Puyallup High School Cultural & Learning Goals

To increase student learning and overall achievement:

Goal #1: We will implement a 6-week goal cycle for each Professional Learning Team.  Teams will set collaborative SMART goals for each unit or identified essential standard, clarify what proficient work looks like, create and use formative assessments, and compare data to measure the effectiveness of their instruction.

Goal #2: In every class at PHS, we will implement an ongoing cycle of in-class formative assessments to measure student attainment of essential standards and provide timely, targeted, in-class re-teaching and intervention.


This will lead to:


  • Increased and measurable student learning in every class as measured by pre/post-tests and common formative assessments
  • Increased number of students demonstrating proficiency on their first attempt at summative assessments
  • Fewer students needing to re-asses on summative assessments
  • Fewer students failing assessments and classes
  • Fewer students using OdysseyWare to earn credits